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“Technology doesn’t make a community. It’s about enhancing the human spirit by using the power of technology to respond to the human need for communication and expression.”

— Red Burns                  


Hello, I’m Jenny Lee. I’m a community manager, content strategist, and writer at heart.

My trio of roles unite to help bring humanness to your brand.

How? By creating user-centered content that grows passionate communities. I do this by building a deep understanding of your brand and community, being a clear, familiar voice and an empathic listener across all your channels, and fostering conversations that produce meaningful content. All to strengthen passion for your brand and empower your community members to inspire each other.

I grew my love for crafting community and content at Quiet Revolution, Blue State Digital, and Barrel. You can read about my experience on LinkedIn.

For more about me, browse my bookshelf: marginaliaandspines.tumblr.com.

You can also find me on…
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· Gimmebar (gif reservoir)
· or walking around New York City and learning about people who don’t think or look like me — usually with a foster dog by my side. 🐕


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