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“Technology doesn’t make a community. It is about enhancing the human spirit by using the power of technology to respond to the human need for communication and expression.”

— Red Burns                  


Hello, I’m Jenny Lee. I’m a community manager and writer at heart.

The title “community manager” can be a head-scratcher. To me, it’s a role that brings humanness to your brand.

How? By being a clear, familiar voice and an empathic ear across all your channels. It’s about building a deep understanding of your community, facilitating meaningful conversations, strengthening trust and passion for your brand — and above all, empowering community members to inspire each other.

I grew my love for community at Quiet Revolution, Blue State Digital, and Barrel. You can read about my experience on LinkedIn.

For more about me, browse my bookshelf: marginaliaandspines.tumblr.com.

You can also find me on…
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· Gimmebar (gif reservoir)
· or walking around New York City and learning about people who don’t think or look like me — usually with a foster dog by my side. 🐕


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