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My work Korean Beacon

Korean Beacon was a blog that covered the latest news from the Korean American community. It received 40k monthly visits and covered a wide range of topics such as food, entertainment, and business.

I served as the editorial head of Korean Beacon (KB) from May 2011 to November 2012. I led a staff of writers, managed the editorial calendar, oversaw fact-checking and research for interviews, and established key media partnerships.

Under my leadership, KB launched a popular series called “Korean American Cities” and three new sections: Korean Americans@Work, Korean Food USA, and Korean Beacon Weddings.

Visit:  www.koreanbeacon.com (website is no longer available)

Thanks to
Agency: Barrel
Editorial Assistants: Mink Choi, Melissah Yang,
Mindy Gee, Audrey Yun-Suong,
Eunice Roh, Deborah J. Yoon


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