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My work Quiet Revolution

Quiet Revolution’s mission is to create inclusive cultures that value and harness the strengths of introverts in a world that idealizes extroverts.

Co-founded by Susan Cain, author of Quiet and acclaimed TED talker, Quiet Revolution (QR) offers research-based solutions for implementing its mission in companies and schools to improve employee/student engagement, leadership models, organizational performance, and innovation. Its website, Quietrev.com, is home to resources for introverts to find community and for anyone who’s curious about the introverted experience.

I faced unusual challenges as QR’s first community and social media manager:

  • How do we engage and mobilize introverts, who tend to dislike group activities, to join our community?
  • How does the introversion-extroversion continuum affect the way people interact online vs. offline?
  • In a culture that largely perceives quietness with negative connotations, how do we rebrand “quiet” into a word that people want to identify with?

  • By contemplating these questions with my teammates, I helped shape the company’s community engagement strategy, content strategy, brand, and voice online.

    My first accomplishment was creating QR’s community guidelines. As with any digital platform, it’s critical to build a safe online space for your community to be sustainable. For our kind of community, it was especially important to foster an environment where all voices feel safe to speak up and feel heard. The guidelines helped set the tone and foundation for thoughtful interactions to flourish across our platforms.

    I also led and executed an unconventional social media strategy that increased our following by 125k on a shoestring advertising budget. The #RethinkQuiet campaign that I produced with our design team helped to challenge common misconceptions about introversion/extroversion. The campaign also facilitated an ongoing conversation about reclaiming “quiet” as an empowering word that promotes belongingness.

    If you ask me what brought me the most joy while working at QR, I would say launching and hosting #QuietHour — a live chat series where a weekly question was presented for our community to discuss and ponder together. It was simply the introvert’s version of happy hour, and the series engaged hundreds of people nearly every week.

    Another joyful memory was “quiet mornings,” in which our team observed no company meetings before noon. Oh, solitude-filled mornings! I’ll always be grateful to the team and company culture that encouraged me to bring my best self to work.

    Visit:  www.quietrev.com →

    Thanks to
    My brilliant QR colleagues who helped me adopt a growth mindset. Endless gratitude to the Quiet community and Susan Cain.


    #RethinkQuiet Campaign

    Quiet means so much more than silent. Or timid. Or shy. What does “quiet” mean to you? #RethinkQuiet

    Quiet Revolution #RethinkQuiet

    #RethinkQuiet Fact: A key difference between introversion and extroversion is their response to dopamine (the brain’s reward system). Arm yourself with more self-knowledge: http://bit.ly/join-Quiet

    Quiet Revolution #RethinkQuiet Fact

    #RethinkQuiet: Raising your hand isn’t the only way to engage in a classroom that can’t stop talking. Why do you think schools need to rethink class participation grades?

    Quiet Revolution #RethinkQuiet

    #RethinkQuiet Fact: Everyone can benefit from offices with space for solitude.

    Quiet Revolution #RethinkQuiet

    Quiet Revolution will always support the yin-yang relationship between the introverted, extroverted, and those in between. Why? The world can benefit from our balance now more than ever. #RethinkQuiet

    Quiet Revolution #RethinkQuiet

    Need a break to restore your energy? Tell your loved ones that alone time is essential to you—it allows you to be more present for them. #RethinkQuiet

    Quiet Revolution #RethinkQuiet


    User-Generated #RethinkQuiet Content

    Quiet Revolution #RethinkQuiet


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